Most people are fascinated by luxury homes. It seems like no matter where you live there are luxury homes in your area that people talk about or are curious to see. Many times when these homes are placed on the market there are many people that contact the realtor, just so they can see the interiors of these homes. This can be very time consuming for the realtor and non productive, because they will not be compensated for their time for giving tours of the luxury homes. Many times the viewings of these homes are limited to serious buyers only. This means that you may have to fill out an application to work with the realtor, or already be working with another realtor and actively pursuing the purchase of a home.

Buyers are increasingly turning to mansions and full-service apartments, according to Savills


Have you ever stopped to ask why we are so fascinated with luxury homes? I love the modest home that I live in. I would not move for any reason, yet I find that when I go for my evening walks I am always curious about the luxury homes that are in the neighborhood. My neighbor and I were discussing this the other evening when we were walking. We started the discussion because while we were walking we noticed that the drapes were opened and the lights were on in a room of a neighbor’s home. This house is one of the luxury homes in the neighborhood. We found that we stopped walking and were straining to see as much as we could from the sidewalk. We laughed at ourselves because we stared for so long that my dog started barking and pulling on the leash so we would get going again.

Luxury homes usually are the same as our homes. They have a kitchen to cook in, living space to relax and entertain in and bedrooms and bathrooms. Granted the luxury homes usually have these rooms in a much larger scale and with much higher decorating costs, but does that make them better? It made for an interesting conversation as we took our walk.

One of the homes in our neighborhood recently went up for sale. It is a home that I have never paid much attention to because the side of the house you see from the street is very plain. I was shocked when my neighbor told me to look the home up on the realty listing on the internet. This was listed as a million dollar home. There were several pictures on the internet and also a slide show. The home has an all custom interior and a beautiful private backyard. We laughed that this was one of the luxury homes that we had never given a second glance at.