As people get older they usually have the ability to expand the possibilities of where they live. This is due to time freedom if they are no longer working, and financial freedom through their pension plans. It is usually during this time that people start considering retirement homes. Today, with the increased population of older Americans, there are many options and opportunities for retirement homes, to keep up with the changing demands.

Most cities across the Untied States offer some type of adult community development. They range in price, services and amenities. Some of the developments offer retirement homes that include membership to an exclusive golf course. The golf course developments are perfect for the avid golfer because if you live in the development there are usually no green fees. This allows for daily golfing. These developments usually offer patio homes that are located throughout the golf course, so the settings are beautiful and quite private.

Embassy West Senior Living (“Embassy West”) is a retirement residence in Ottawa. Embassy West maintained that as a retirement home, its first collective agreement with CUPE should be aligned with retirement home collective bargaining norms.


Another popular option for retirement homes is high rise condominiums. This option works best for people that do not want any yard work. Most adult condominiums offer a variety of activities both on and off site for residents to take part in. The resale values of the condominiums are good so this is a sound investment. The condominium options are very popular so they are available in most areas. For people that want to have multiple retirement homes the condominium is a great option because they are secure and maintenance free. Some people will rent out their condominiums when they are not living in them, to help defray the cost. It is important to check with the condominium association to make sure this is allowed.

Many people choose one level floor plans in their retirement homes so they are accessible to walkers, canes and wheel chairs. Even if the person is not using a walking aid themselves’, it is likely that their friends may need the accessibility. Some people will be thinking of retirement homes as they travel for business or pleasure in preparation for retirement years. This is important especially if you are thinking of relocating to a different state for retirement. Spend time in the new location prior to buying so that you are certain that the area is a good choice for you. You do not want to purchase a retirement home in an area that you have not spent time in because you will not know if the amenities fit your needs, or if the weather patterns are what you are looking for.

Spend time talking to others that live in the community you are planning on joining. It is important to know if outsiders are welcomed and that people are accepting of you. As with any major decision the more homework and research you do the better the chance that you will make a sound decision. Retirement homes are a large investment and it is important to consider as many factors as possible prior to purchasing one.